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hi! AMAZING photo skills on this blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE. i'm a vegan in LA. just wondering what your top 3 (in order) restaurants are here and san fran and portland? :)


This is one of the hardest questions to answer ever.  And sorry it took me two months to answer your question.  I do love fantasizing about vegan restaurants in other cities.  It’s one of my favorite past times.  For me an amazing restaurant isn’t just about the food, it’s about the atmosphere and the friends who want to join in on the fun.  My favorite restaurants always have great stories.


-I Love Native Foods in Culver City.  I love the big group tables.  The Chicken Run Ranch Burger with a side of kale is a family staple.

-I’ll go to Pure Luck any day of the week. I went opening night and waited two hours for my meal to arrive but I had friends and drinks with me.  I have loved Pure Luck and it’s craziness ever since.

-Madeleine Bistro is one of my favorites, especially for special occasions.  Engagement party, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, I’m here.

Our nice little engagement party at Madeleine Bistro

-I’ve been going to Real Food Daily for 15 years.  It’s where I mingle with the old school vegans.

-I’ve also been going to Sunday Brunch on Holidays at Inn of the Seventh Ray for 15 years.  Their regular menu has now skimped on the once awesome vegan options.

I love the vegan duck at Inn of the Seventh Ray.  The duck is in the top left corner.  So many lovely options for brunch.

-Take me to the valley for Follow Your Heart.  It’s been around forever.   

-I love to go to lunch and brunch at Flore.

-Hook me up with pizza from Purgatory Pizza, Hard Times, Masa.


I Love Portland.  I could go on all day about Portland but I’ll keep this brief.

-Portobello so awesome, the best food

-The Bye And Bye I got engaged here :)

-Vita Cafe I ate here four times in four days

-Sweetpea Bakery and Back to Eden mind blowing! 


The San Fran area use to be my haven for vegan friendly restaurants.  I know it still is a haven but I don’t make as many trips up to San Fran as I use to.  So my list is kind of dated.

-Greens Restaurant I still like going here.  This use to be the premier vegetarian restaurant that people would travel from all over the world just to visit.  It’s still excellent and the location is pretty.  The last time I went here I had the worse service in the world but it was so awful and ridiculous it’s actually a long funny story.  I’ll be back.

-Millenium I haven’t been in a few years but I’ll always have great memories of Millenium.

-I always stop at Rainbow Grocery and I have a thing for Maggie Mudd sundaes and Ike’s vegan sandwiches.

Thanks for the question.  This was actually a pretty fun exercise down memory and taste bud lane.


Here is a picture of a cute dog with one eye.

Portland Day 02 “engagement” :)

Portland Day 02 is a monumental day in every way imaginable.  It’s Saturday June 19th and our trip so far has been awesome.  At this point I’m just rolling with the punches waiting for that super sweet moment when everything feels so lovely.  You see I’ve got this really cool ring hidden in my camera bag that I had been searching for a very long time.  Alix and I met on the Midnight Ridazz bike ride in 2007 and yes I’m for real about that. I asked to take a photo of her and when I asked to e-mail it to her she asked for my phone number.  Cool.   Our first date was at Scoops and Real Food Daily and that’s when I found out she was vegan.  I thought to myself “holy shit, awesome”. Then I found out she is a vegan baker, vegan bake sale. Nice. Then we wrote and shot a movie together Brainwashed Love.  Fun.  So anyways yes she’s so cool, she’s awesome I could go on all day but first it’s time to get serious.  It’s time to get a serious vegan Portland breakfast.

imageThe Ace Hotel is fun.  Hey look across the street. Alix is next to her new Ace Hotel bike.

imageWe awake bright and early from a pleasant sleep at the Ace Hotel.  We borrow their free bike rentals and we’re off through the streets of Portland heading to Paradox Cafe roughly 3 miles away.  We’ve heard so many good things about this place and there is nothing like eating a lot of food after a good stretch of the legs.

imagePortland has the best vegan breakfast of anywhere we’ve ever been.  It seems like every place has it and it’s awesome.  We officially went overboard at Paradox cafe.  Paradox has whole wheat biscuits and gravy.  I loved it, Alix didn’t like them quite as much as me.  This will be discussed later.

imageParadox Benedict $9.50 Homemade herb & onion bread topped with veggie sausage, tofu, smothered in Tree Hugger hollandaise served with seasoned potatoes.

imageBelmont Combo $7.95 Choose a pancake (I got the sweet surrender cake = 4-Grain batter, dark chocolate & toasted almonds), veggie sausage, tofu.

imageI loved the biscuits and gravy but had no idea there was going to be 5 of them.  And now that Alix won’t eat them and I love them, what do I do?  I’ll be biking around all day.  I can handle this I’m thinking.

imageOops!  This is how you feel after you eat so much food you can barely sit.  It was sincerely an accident.  But does prove how I hate to see food go to waste.  This is a real serious distaster when you’re attempting to pace your appetite to try as many flavors and restaurants throughout the day.  If I was in L.A. I probably wouldn’t eat for at least 24hrs.  But I’m not, I’m in Portland, this so called vegan heaven for the very first time in my life and I’ve been here only a little more than a day.  What have I done? I know I’ll be biking around all day so maybe just maybe I’ll get hungry again.

imageBaily Works bike bag is crucial to carry everything I need for an all day bike adventure.

 imageimageSaint cupcake was cute and had tasty vegan cupcakes.  There was also a cute store in the back of this place. 

imageRandom street art/ sculptures/ pieces/ garbage, or whatever you would like to call them are abundant in Portland.  I like them.

imageimageimageimageimageBike racks everywhere.  

imageThe famous vegan strip mall.  What the heck are we doing? Stopping at Sweetpea Bakery.

imageimageimageimageimageSweetpea Bakery is all vegan and absolutely delcious.  Great coffee, great service.  Great place to take it easy.

imageMy favorite way to take photos of donuts.  And these donuts are so awesome.  This is a strawberry covered donut.  I ate it, I loved it.  We stopped at Sweetpea everyday we were in Portland for a snack.

imageimageCute art works on the wall :)

imageWe ran into our friends from L.A. at the craft fair.

imageimageThe craft fair was really cool and a nice relaxing stop for a couple of hours.  

imageimageLets ride bikes a few miles to the Alberta Arts District and split lunch.  We’re already back at Vita cafe to get the fish sandwich.  It was seriously awesome.  ’FISHWICH’* $7 deep fried tofu with lettuce, pickles and vegan tarter sauce on a sesame seed bun. 

imageHidden in the back of The Bye and Bye is this awesome shop Black Star Bags that makes bike bags by hand on premises.  And they’re super impressive.  I want, I want.  

imageimageimageimageOkay lets get real serious. The Bye and Bye is so awesome.  We love it for a million reasons.  This all vegan establishment changed our lives in so many awesome ways. We’re about to be hanging out here for roughly 4 hours.  And not a second of it was dull.  Great food, great drinks, great service.  We need to hang and relax a little after riding around for 10 miles.  This establishment has seriously been in the back of my head for extra cool relationship things to possibly happen here.  But I kind of thought that about Portobello.  So I’m currently just feeling it out. Portobello has the best food but The Bye and Bye has the perfect atmosphere especially in the late afternoon.  It’s a place we can just unwind and hang out all day.  Talk about stuff.  It’s private, although we’re kind of around other people which is definitely the setting I’m going for. 

imageAlix did get this cute grey hat at Black Star Bags :)

imageIt’s very relaxing inside and another nice beer garden out back.  It can get really crowded in here at night. But right now it is peaceful, soothing, and lovely.

imageimageThings are starting to warm up.  Perfect weather.  We’re inside and outside at the same time.  It’s quiet.  We’re about to split a vegan chicken salad sandwich for an early dinner.  We’re both taking snaps as usual.  Drinking some awesome drinks.  Honestly just having an awesome time. 

imageimageOkay we’ve been here over an hour.  Alix has put on her very cute hat that she knit for herself.  Love that hair.

imageAnother one of these, the best hefeweizen in the world,  Weihenstephan.  We’re just chatting about how awesome Portland is and how we feel like we’ve been transported to another world ever since we step foot in Portland.  Portland is so cool.

imageAlix got the official “The Bye and Bye” drink.  Now I know it’s getting close to the right time.  We’ve been biking around all day hitting up vegan spot after vegan spot, we even went to the craft fair, and ran into friends from Midnight Ridazz.  We had an insane dinner at Portobello the night before and are having the absolute best time. Oh it’s now 5:55 p.m. my absolute favorite time.  So I pull out a little box and open it up to reveal a little ring inside and tell Alix I have a question for her.  I pause.  She is completely shocked.  Like way more shocked then I had expected. She has a huge smile on her face and keeps saying “What?”  Whaaaaat?  What?  So I say the magic words and she immediately says “Yes!”  Then she keeps saying “What?”,  ”Whaaat?”, “Oh my god?” “What’s going on?”  ”Is this for real?”  I was very excited how surprised she was. I was almost positive she had figured out what was going to happen in Portland.  I actually kept my surprise a secret. Huge success.  So we spent the next hour or so calling friends and family. Then we headed back out on our bikes and road around for a long time.


imageCool, Whiffies to the late night rescue.  Vegan pies.  So yummy.

imageimage1. chocolate peanut butter pie and 1. apple pie.  These things are tasty after a long bike ride but deep fried (ask for vegan fryer) they can be quite an intense treat.  But really so good when you’re in that special mood.


imageHere we are near Downtown Portland for the World Naked Bike ride.  And yes 90 percent of the people are 95 percent to 100 percent naked and there was 13,000-15,000 people there.  We were modestly over dressed for the occasion.  Anyways all the streets were closed down and there were crowds watching the cyclists for miles like a parade. It was insane. The largest bike ride I’ve ever been on in my life and everyone is naked.  And I’ve been on a lot of large bike rides.  This really is a crazy day.  An extremely crazy ending to an already monumental day.   And there is a little more.  I’ll post Portland day 03 and 04 very soon :)