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a very vegan sundae sunday

WorldFest 2010 was so fun and yummy I loved it.

Coconut macaroons from Bodhi tree.  Wow!

Cutest dogs for adoptions :(  please adopt.

The origami party was super cool.  I love stuff like this.

So Delicious soy free.  I love these products.  This is my absolute favorite ice cream of theirs  Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl.  And they had tons of free samples.  Not that I hadn’t tried every flavor before ;)

These are my favorite new shirts from Vegan Collection. I got one for my girlfriend.  And I’ll get one for myself soon.  Also I got an awesome belt from the vegan Collection.  Thanks Kevin and Kelly.

More cool vegan ice cream.

This is me.  No I didn’t drink all of these.  I ran into some really crazy vegan party animals who drank all of these.

C’est La Vegan  this stuff is absolutely beautiful and delicious. 

This is the #1 reason I went to WorldFest but I almost didn’t make it to this amazing Maggie Mudd banana split tarmac style sundae because there was so much awesome foods that ran into my mouth before this grand finale to WorldFest.

I had to run home for a few minutes to get ready for the next vegan event.  Mochi was hanging out.

This cool french bulldog was having a fun time running around in her yard.

We just made it in time to Megan and Gary’s place for their wedding bike ride.  I can’t wait to get back to their pad. I heard they have Real Food Daily catering their wedding party.  And delicious vegan bake sale cupcakes for dessert.  Below is miss alix/ vegan bake sale in her sunday best.

Megan and Gary on their beautiful schwinn tandem

How cool is this?  Very cool.  We actually rode out to Santa Monica Pier and went north on the bike path on the beach.

And now onto the food we ate at the party.  Vegan clubs, reubens, walnut pate, hummus platter, seiten strips all by  Real Food Daily. I really should of documented the large selection of vegan wines they had on hand as well. But sometimes it is best to enjoy.

One of the best cupcakes I have ever had.  Seriously.  Freshly made with the best ingredients by Vegan Bake Sale. Chocolate Raspberry cupcake and it’s filled with a perfect raspberry sauce in the center.

Finally we couldn’t pass up this taste testing opportunity to be among the first to taste Purgatory Pizza with the new Teese cheese on it.  It was so awesome.  I don’t know what to call them on this blog here but our friends over at quarrygirl really hooked us up.  And thank you to Purgatory for dishing out amazing vegan pizza with loads of vegan options.  All and all yesterday, sunday was a crazy all day vegan event never to be forgotten :) 

P.S. yes all of this did really happen in one day, one day in L.A.

Spiral Diner Dallas

Spiral Diner in Dallas is a super fun vegan restaurant.  We really, really loved it.  Sundaes, shakes, peanut butter cups, cupcakes, sandwiches, tacos all the fun foods that aren’t always easy to find vegan.  Spiral has another location in Fort Worth for more info go here www.spiraldiner.comVegan graham crackers.  It can be very hard to find graham crackers without honey.  Well here you go.

The Chocolate Mountain Mudslide = “danger, danger! there’s been an accident on chocolate mountain! everyone grab a spoon and prepare for tastiness!” a warm brownie topped with vanilla i-scream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, whipped cream and peanuts.$5.75 it also equals insanely yummy!

The prices are very reasonable and the quality is awesome.  A double shot of fair trade espresso is $2.00, sandwiches range from 2.25-$8.00 and thats with a side dish.  Yes they serve a poor mans pickle sandwich for $2.25 and it comes with a side, I’ll be getting that next time I’m there.