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Camping in the Giant Sequoias

The Giant Sequoias is a really cool place to go camping. My wife and I are putting together a cool check list of all the fun things to take with you. You don’t need a ton of stuff but every time we go camping we try to add something useful and interesting to make our experience more enjoyable. This time we added a cool little toaster which is made in Canada and costs less than $5. I also made the little camping table which we used for preparing and cooking food. The legs are removable so you can easily adjust the height. I like keeping it low to the ground so I can still chill on a blanket if I want. I hope you get inspired to go camping.

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    Looks like drive up camping.
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    Must return to the Sequoias.
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    Looking at everything here, all I can think of is “that takes up so much room in your pack,” and “that looks so heavy...
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