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Ronald’s Donuts

As many of you know I don’t like putting food on here unless I am 99% sure it’s vegan.  Well here is Ronald’s Donuts in Vegas.  Ronald’s is owned by Henry and Janie Kang, who are Buddhists. Usually it’s the top two shelves of the bakery case that have vegan donuts.  Every one swears up and down these are vegan. They have been tested in the lab and come up clean Ronald’s lab tests.   Styrofoam cups suck but they have soy milk and the coffee was pretty good. Although I only slept 2 hrs before driving here from L.A.  

There is a good mix inside of people.  Mostly regulars and locals.  Lots of oldies.  I sat here for a while and a few vegans showed up.  But I don’t think vegan is written anywhere inside this establishment.  If you just walked in here by chance you wouldn’t know you were eating vegan donuts.  

The decor is right from the 60’s, love it.

Maple covered fritter.

Sticky Bun

Soy creme filled Donuts.  Lemon or Vanilla. Oh raspberry filled too.

Bear Claw

Apple Fritter

Chocolate bar

The exterior of Ronald’s Donuts is just breathtakingly beautiful , situated in a beautiful strip mall a few miles from the Las Vegas strip ;)  As you can clearly see there is a cool dumpster out back bearing the numbers 4550.

These donuts are pretty fucking amazing.  If you’re a healthy vegan and want to remain that way, stay away.  Another warning for health crazed vegans, If a box of these donuts come close to you douse it in gasoline and set them on fire because it’s hard to stop eating them.  If you love the real deal on donuts you gotta get these suckers.  I think once or twice a year is plenty for me because this is probably the most unhealthy vegan thing you can possibly eat, especially if you eat 10 of them in one day.  But do enjoy them. Do love them.  If you drive away with a box of these, place them in the trunk.

Then I went and hung out at the Tropicana.  Yes it’s from 1957.  Yes they talk about it in the Godfather.  Yes it’s been remodeled like 4 times since then so it’s a wacky mix of every decade since the late 50’s

And because I love adding extra tidbits to my posts.   I went to Vegas in the first place to see the unveiling of the new Red Epic 5k Digital Cinema camera.  It’s cool :)