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Seabirds / Moby

Alix and I rode bikes over to Moby’s art opening last night.  We hit up Seabirds, and were lucky enough to chat with Moby who has been vegan for 21 years.  It was cool.

Stephanie of Seabirds and Moby.

Getting around on bikes in Los Angeles is getting cooler and cooler.  

I like bringing my 5 lb jumbo yellow lock for my bike.

Neat art in ballona creek.  

The Los Angeles art scene.

Balsamic Glazed Beet Salad with almond feta and olive oil drizzle.  Super awesome.  We had the beer battered avocado tacos as well.

Destroyed, Moby.   We took photos of the photos.

Moby draws on Seabirds truck.

Here is Moby’s drawing on Seabirds truck.

Alix Bannon taking cute dog photos.