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Started in the 50’s to make anamorphic adapters for projection. It didn’t take long for them to get into modifying Mitchell cameras and making cine lenses. Take a look at their logo in the top photo, it incorporates three aspect ratios. Cool!


In my photo (third row from the top) is the very first Panaflex 35mm camera. Panaflex means that it’s a reflex Panavision camera. Reflex means the operator is actually seeing through the lens of the camera while the film is rolling. This has been accomplished by a spinning mirror shutter. Keep in mind that most movies were shot with non-reflex cameras up until the 60’s. The previous cameras had rack-over viewfinder systems. You could only look through the lens when the camera wasn’t rolling. Once you were actually about to roll you would slide the viewfinder out of the way and the film slides into position behind the lens. You would then look through a viewfinder on the side of the camera and approximate your framing. Not a big deal for static (non-moving) shots but imagine really complicated dolly moves. 


Second from the bottom is the exact camera that shot Lawrence of Arabia. This is a non-reflex camera. It’s also in a sound blimp.


The last photo is of me hanging out with the reflex Panavision 65mm camera. What’s the difference between 65 and 70? 65mm you shoot on and when they print it they add 5mm for the sound, hence 70mm. 


Bighorn Sheep Survey

Alix and I helped out on the 2014 San Gabriel Bighorn Sheep Survey. It’s hard to believe the Bighorn Sheep hide up on the cliffs not far from a gianormous city. This was a fun and very adventurous trip, way crazier than we expected. The hike was several miles off trail, up loose rock, over boulders, with large sections of downed trees. It was during a pretty decent rainstorm in southern California so the river was moving quickly and had shifted everything in our path. With 16 challenging river crossings you really want to stay dry to be able to semi-comfortably do your real job which is spot sheep. Once you get to your location you have to chill for 5 hours and look for practically invisible specks on the mountainside. Even with the 10x handheld binoculars once you spot something (if you’re lucky) you’re afraid to look away for fear of losing sight. You might spend 10 minutes or longer describing to your team where to look. When you’re using the 20x-60x spotting scope it’s so magnified that the slightest shake of the tripod can move you 40ft off target. Patience is golden. And when it’s 50˚ F and raining you’re extra thankful for the warm clothes and snacks you packed. Our team was lucky, we spotted 7-8 Bighorn Sheep. It was a humbling experience.

Biking along the Los Angeles River can be cool but it’s also pretty obvious especially after it rains that people trash the waterways. It’s  unbelievable to see the amount of trash and plastic bags in the Los Angeles River. It’s definitely a step that plastic bags are now banned in Los Angeles, at least in large supermarkets. 

The Los Angeles River flows into the ocean. There are huge nets to help stop the garbage from making there way into the open sea but tons of trash still makes it’s way in and devastates the local and global ecosystem.

Keep it clean.

Note: Concrete was laid over the majority of the Los Angeles River starting in the late 30’s to control flooding. There are currently several advocacy groups helping to restore the river to a natural state.


The nice thing about going on a 60 mile bike ride around Los Angeles is that you can stop at several of your favorite vegan restaurants and still be hungry for more. I love riding out to Follow Your Heart and Vinh Loi Tofu from Central Los Angeles. This time I headed over the Sepulveda Pass to get to the valley but you could also head over Coldwater Canyon, Laurel Canyon, Cahuenga, L.A. Rive bike path or take the Red Line. If you take the Red Line into the valley it’s also easy to hop on the very nice east / west Orange Line Bike Path which is separate from cars.

I got appetizers at Vinh Loi (vegan ham rolls, not pictured), then a Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake and a Tofu Eggwich at Follow Your Heart.

I highly recommend riding and eating this adventure. Have fun!